Quest Friends!

Ep. 54: Crime and Courtship, Part 18

March 9, 2020

Our heroes try to stop the first day of the Jagged Dream's new world. 

Listen as they:

FALL for a deadly trap!

START a three-way bug war!

PROVE Vera wrong!

Content Warnings: Volume (40:30-40:45), Harsh SFX (48:40-48:55)


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Intro/Outro music by MiracleOfSound

Intro: Friends (YouTube:, Bandcamp:

Outro: Hitoshio (YouTube:, Bandcamp:


Music Credits

"Christmas Logo 3 - Short Version" by FiluAndDina:

"Insect Beetle Buzz" by Soundrangers:

"Courageous Hero Theme" by Adam Monroe:  

"Midnight Chase" by Liam Priestnall: 

"Vanishing" by Kevin MacLeod:

"Rainy day Short Ver." by Souichi Sakagami:

"Lobby Time" by Kevin MacLeod:

"The Haunting Clock" by Oscar H Caballero: 

"Romantic Accordion Waltz" by Maitr:

"Ancient, Desert, Thoughtful Song" by August Wilhelmsson:

"Whip Crack 01.wav" by CGEffex: 

Additional Music from Motion Array:

Even More Additional Music from Storyblocks:

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