Quest Friends!

Ep. 64: One Neon Night, Part 6

September 21, 2020

Memories of the Apocrita haunt Xoc and Hop.

Listen as our they:

MAKE some friends!

RETURN some fossils!

ARE ABSENT for half of the episode!

Content Warning: Harsh Sounds (13:10-14:05)

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Intro/Outro music by MiracleOfSound

Intro: Friends (YouTube:, Bandcamp:

Outro: Hitoshio (YouTube:, Bandcamp:


Music Credits

"Beyond The Hills" by Jay Man/Our Music Box:

"Something Wicked" by Ross Bugden:

"Fairytale Waltz" by Kevin MacLeod:

"Ambience, Creepy Wind, A.wav" by InspectorJ: 

“menuDec.wav” by RunnerPack:

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