Quest Friends!

Feb 2021 Update: Xoc’s Memory Delayed, Trivia Stream Planned, and Other News

February 8, 2021

Topics discussed in this update

  • Xoc's Memory, Part 1 is delayed until March 8th (0:00-2:55)
  • Patreon content will release like usual for February (2:55-3:30)
  • We're running a Quest Friends! Trivia Stream at at 7PM CDT on February 18th (3:30-4:35)
  • The trivia stream will be released as a podcast episode on February 22nd (4:35-4:45)
  • Xoc's Memory, Part 1 will be streamed at at 7PM CDT on March 8th (4:45-5:30)
  • We're running the NPC Showdown, a bracketed competition where fans vote for their favorite NPCs, at starting on March 1st (5:30-5:45)
  • Kyle re-states all of the above topics in chronological order (5:45-6:25)
  • Kyle summarizes the schedule for the remainder of the schedule for Season 1 (6:25-8:53)

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